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C & C Holdings Limited

The Company was established by four senior managers who had worked together in the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry in late sixties ,and at a time put together had over 100 years of experience . Within few years , with Associate Indian Company in the group , it became one of the largest independent heat exchanger manufacturer on the European scene


From earliest beginnings the company strategy has been, wherever possible , to follow its products in the field. In a complex area of engineering this has provided wealth of experience which has been available for customers and product development alike. In particular company is happy to use this experience to manufacture well beyond the extent of standard product range ,to provide trouble shooting services , service and modifications

Perhaps the greatest advance in product development has been that of Stainless Steel Tube and Aluminum Fin light weight ammonia refrigerant coolers As a refrigerant ammonia continues to advance previously it is tended to be used as a direct refrigerant for low temperature and now the safety and reliability of stainless steel products has extended it’s use in more highly populated area of chill area

The parent company C & C Holdings Ltd has made further investment in the continued progress of Star Coolers & Condensers Pvt Ltd .They now have an additional area of 30000 Sqft ,particularly for assembly of heavy products with the facilities like EOT Crane and Extra Large Testing Tank for Coils in new 2 acre plot across the road to the existing factory. The above photo shows such newly built factory.

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