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Floor Mounted Coolers
Capacities 10,000 - 60,000 Kcal / hr.
VA, WA, UA types according to application.
Axial flow fans,suitable external pressure for blast chilling or freezing as standard.
Cooper tube / aluminium fin for R22.
Stainless steel tube for ammonia.
Defrost & casing options available
Fin spacings 6, 4, 3, 2 fpi.
Ceiling Mounted Coolers
Blast Freezer (Trolley freezer)
Dual Discharge Coolers
Cleanable Coolers
Floor Mounted Coolers
UA Coolers
Air Cooled Condensers
DDS Type
DDV Type
Adiabatic Cooling with wet cellulose pads
Evaporative Condensers
Dry Fluid Coolers
Pre Cooling Units
Chilled Water / Glycol / DX
Special Heat Exchangers
Condensing Units
Plate Freezer

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