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Dry Fluid Coolers

Apart from range of refrigeration product catering to all refrigeration needs of Indian customers, we have developed Dry Fluid Coolers for Diesel Engine Gen sets/Power Plant/Compressor /Furnace/Steam turbine. Dry Fluid Coolers for Diesel Engine Gen Sets, Gas Fired Gen Sets are economical even where water is available abundantly due to saving in fan power in mild weather, 100% water saving due to close loop fin tube coolers, clean & almost maintenance free system. Dry Fluid Coolers also prove to be highly economical in water scare areas for all above mentioned cooling application in the long run & pay back their cost due to precise and accurate cooling done to equipments of process application and saving in 100% water through its closed technology.


The Dry Fluid Cooler is of induced/Forced draft type and there is no consumption of water after its first charge. These coolers have overcome most of the running & maintenance problems associated with the use of conventional cooling system i.e. cooling towers. These can be used in various applications wherever heat is to be dissipated and the water outlet temperature required is more than the ambient. Dry Fluid Cooler can cool the water at least 5-6 °C above the ambient temp as the cooling media is the ambient air.

The Dry Fluid Cooler concept works on the principle that hot Fluid directly enters into our cooler having coils made of 5/8" Cu tubes and corrugated high efficiency aluminium fins is a closed circuit cooling system and does not require any water after its first Initial charge. The Fluid is cooled in a closed circuit by freely available ambient air and there is absolutely no fear of contamination of water or scaling in pipelines. These coolers have overcome most of the running and maintenance problems associated with the use of conventional cooling system, cooling towers. Air-cooled system is completely dry type of cooling it hardly requires any maintenance apart from routine maintenance of electric fan motors and cleaning the outside surface of heat transfer coil by low-pressure compressed air.

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