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Company Accreditations
  INDO-BRITISH JOINT VENTURE ( Parent Company C & C Holdings Limited UK )
ISO 9001 Certified Company
AHRI Certified Air Heating & Cooling coils

Comply with PED (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU), this also covers the EC Council Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC in the version 93/44/EEC)

We build units with safety standard BS EN 378 pt1-3 (Refrigerating systems and heat pumps. Safety and environmental requirements. Basic requirements, definitions, classification and selection criteria).

The Air Cooled Condenser selections have been tested by BISRIA (UK) against the BS EN 327 testing standard. certificates C15191/1 to C15191/5

Air Cooling Units tested to EN 328 (DMT Essen Germany report no. GF-No. 61101402)
Dry Air Coolers tested to EN 1048 (DMT Essen Germany report no. GF-No. 61100502)
Ceiling Mounted Coolers
Blast Freezer (Trolley freezer)
Dual Discharge Coolers
Cleanable Coolers
Floor Mounted Coolers
UA Coolers
Air Cooled Condensers
DDS Type
DDV Type
Adiabatic Cooling with wet cellulose pads
Evaporative Condensers
Dry Fluid Coolers
Pre Cooling Units
Chilled Water / Glycol / DX
Special Heat Exchangers
Condensing Units
Plate Freezer

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